Hotel Sales Task Force

Finding the right team member for your hotel when turnover happens can be an exercise in wasting time or money. Everyday without a sales position filled, is a day of lost revenue and declining pace. FA HOSPITALITY is your immediate and professional answer to this oft-occurring problem.

FA HOSPITALITY is centered on keeping your sales force performing and producing results in the absence of crucial team members.  

FA HOSPITALITY will provide a task force representative to cover open positions and provide immediate results. We can also assign a sales representative to promote your property directly from our CA office, generating new leads as we make calls on your behalf.

At the FA HOSPITALITY Group we recognize that an empty chair in your sales organization equals lost revenue and lost profitability. Just as an empty hotel room is a disposable asset and the revenue can never be recovered.

FA HOSPITALITY Group’s Task Force Division was designed to help hotels and hotel management companies fill open hotel marketing and sales positions with short-term, revenue-producing professionals.

A task force contractor fills the void in staffing caused by never ending executive turnover or staffing voids created when a hotel or resort changes brands. As a ‘flag’ prepares to change, the outgoing company will move key staff to other chain locations. Also, employees’ privy to rumors may ‘jump ship’ due to impending changes creating openings in key operating departments. A task force partner can put fresh, unbiased perspective (fresh eyes) on an operation, provide quick fixes, and bring not only revenue suggestions but potential cost reduction ideas.

This is where a task force contractor can step in: typically, a 1099-contractor is paid a flat rate on a weekly, monthly, or project basis at a salary level commensurate with a hotel director of sales. Benefits paid to a full-time employee that can run an additional 30-40% of a base salary are typically included, so the owner pays a set amount and can budget accordingly. This fact combined with a potential tax deduction for hiring an outside contractor might also be appealing in the financial statement.

When you need an immediate, pro-active effort, our Task Force Professionals are ready to hit the ground running.  Our experts are able to quickly asses your market and begin booking business to fill your property’s needs.

FA HOSPITALITY Group Professionals are available to you at every level:

►General Manager

►Director of Sales and Marketing

►Director of Sales

►Sales Manager

►Catering Sales Manager

►Director of Catering & Convention Services

►Director of Food & Beverage

►Group Sales Manager

►Business Travel Sales Manager

►Director of Revenue Management

►Revenue Manager


►Director of e-Commerce

►Director of Operations / Rooms Division

FA HOSPITALITY Group Professionals are available from two weeks to six months, depending on your property needs. Simply put, FA HOSPITALITY Group Professionals are producers!  We book high quality revenue business into your hotel and lead your team to success!

At FA HOSPITALITY Group we don’t believe in simply filling a spot.  Our Task Force Professionals are each award-winning professional who have made a name for themselves in the industry by their ability to identify new business, shift market share, steal business from the competition, increase RevPAR, increase Guest Service Scores and maximize profitability.


Revenue Management – Our Service

…offers a variety of services packaged into One Simple Plan

FA HOSPITALITY offers a remote hotel revenue management service that fits today’s revenue management requirements for all hotels without having the expense of hiring a Revenue Manager. Imagine being able to bring on an experienced, skilled Revenue Management Team at less than half the cost of hiring one full-time Revenue Manager.

We hit the ground running eliminating down time and no training needed plus the hotel will avoid gaps in coverage when an employee goes on vacation or quits. We serve as an enhancement to the management of the hotels overall room sales and perform as your revenue management team.

Regain control of your time so you and your management team can focus on the important things such as customer service, increase satisfaction scores with Trip Advisor and other social sites, guest retention, conducting sale blitz, and group sale calls, but mostly let the Hotel Revenue Management Experts assist in the yield process using the strategies and trends of today.

FA HOSPITALITY works with ownership or hotel team to develop revenue management strategies for both the short and long-term efforts. This would include the branding process, hotel pricing strategy, hotel booking engine and online travel agent promotions/packages, email marketing with geo targeting, flash sale strategy, value-add pricing versus discounting, mobile strategy and many more opportunities to yield revenue per channel and per reservation cost. With our free revenue management audit, we can determine your hotels immediate revenue opportunity.

The Service:

►Daily Remote Revenue Management Support.

► Includes a Revenue Management Team to oversee your Hotel.

► Weekly Revenue Management Analysis to include Pace Reports, Rate Shops.

► Support with Hotel Systems Integration – Yield Optimization.

► Increase conversion on Hotels online booking engine.

► Work directly with OTA Market Manager’s on Hotels behalf.

► Handle all Channel Management plus ensure parity.

Hotel site selection Image


Having a successful, well-attended, cost-effective event starts with securing the perfect venue. With our services there is no need to waste time searching multiple venues online. Allow FA HOSPITALITY to streamline the process and present you with the best options based on your needs.

FA HOSPITALITY employs visionary sales executives with solid experience managing all levels of the event planning process. Our services allow you to focus on other aspects of planning a successful event.

We work hard, and we play hard. Let us bring this culture and work ethic to your next event!

FA HOSPITALITY provides site selection services complimentary: 

When it comes time to negotiate meetings and event-related contracts, FA HOSPITALITY has over 25 years of experienced professionals representing your interests, we pride ourselves in our ability to negotiate the best contract terms and concessions for our clients

Bespoke Partnership:

FA HOSPITALITY will partner with you and provide assistance ranging from individual components to project management in its entirety. Our services will be customized for your specific needs.


► Meet with your team to determine your specific needs

►Create a customized RFP’s, based on your specific needs 

►Distribute RFP to hotels/venues that meet your specific needs

►Submit options that meet your specific needs

►Conduct site inspections, request, review hotel contract, and submit for your approval!

FA HOSPITALITY will provide one of our consultants to uncover contacts booking in your area based on the list provided by the hotel. This list should include target accounts, non-producing accounts, lost business reports, reader boards or any solicitation list the hotel may have.

Our consultants will both qualify all accounts and forward you a list of accounts that would like more information regarding your hotel and/ or would like to set-up an appointment or a site with one of your Sales Managers.

In some cases, our consultant identifies the business then turns it over to the Sales Manager or our consultant can book the business themselves. This individual will be based remotely, and this service eliminates the time-consuming task for your sales staff and enables them to focus their time on selling accounts we have pre-qualified.

We never stop learning and adapting to our customers! Continuous efforts are focused on developing our leaders and associates, building a strong “bench” is key to success for our company.

Our training team works with the Managers and staff at each property to achieve profitability, guest satisfaction, and efficiency while maintaining standards.

The efforts are made as needed in collaborative groups and individually. We constantly monitor our areas of opportunity and work as a team to improve. In addition, the team determines monthly budgets, review P&L’s and capital expenditures, conduct performance improvement plans and counseling.