Hotel Sales and Marketing Plans at FA HOSPITALITY

Without solid sales and marketing strategies, even the most impressive properties simply cannot perform. Backed by years of experience in the hospitality industry, the expert sales and marketing teams at FA HOSPITALITY offer a fresh perspective and proven, goal-oriented strategies to increase brand awareness, market penetration and RevPAR.

All FA HOSPITALITY sales and marketing initiatives are evaluated from a return on investment perspective. FA HOSPITALITY Companies uses technology to track the return for our most important investment, our sales department. Through regular property visits, FA HOSPITALITY Companies corporate sales professionals provide training and education to maximize inside and outside hospitality sales department bookings

FA HOSPITALITY Sales & Marketing Services

Market Analysis

Complete and comprehensive market analyses determine a market’s viability, current and potential competition.

Marketing Plans

FA HOSPITALITY annually creates a plan for your property to strategically align the sales and marketing efforts with the competitive nature of each market.

Sales Training

Consistent hands-on training ensures goals are achieved, sales efforts are managed, and sales teams are up-to-date on the latest sales techniques.

Revenue Maximization

FA HOSPITALITY utilizes effective and aggressive rate and inventory strategies to maximize all revenue opportunities, gaining more than fair market share.

Competitive Pricing

FA HOSPITALITY conducts comprehensive price evaluations of the market based on product, services, supply and demand to ensure appropriate pricing.

Franchise Brand Knowledge

FA HOSPITALITY experience and knowledge maximizes hotel marketing and sales opportunities available through brand relationships.

Strategic Marketing

Marketing is a major component in our success, resulting in premium market share and consistent above-average performance. FA HOSPITALITY will oversee the development and execution of annual marketing planning, utilizing a combination of results-oriented strategies. These strategies include online marketing initiatives, search engine optimization (SEO), revenue management, brand program participation, direct sales efforts, and other target market specific opportunities which help achieve market share goals. Extensive market research is also conducted to accurately position each property within its market and community.