Hotel Brokerage & Sales

Services Offered by FA Hospitality

Hotel Brokerage Sales

FA Hospitality provides access to domestic and international buyers, owners and operators, both those that are most active in the industry and those that invest on a select basis, based on location and hotel product type.

Over the years we have developed marketing techniques that mine the full potential of our extensive database of active hotel investors, lenders and industry players, but also uncover unconventional buyers, lenders and investors.

FA Hospitality has a reputation for implementing a coordinated sales process that maximizes value and expedites the timeline for a transaction.  The combination of resources and experience in putting together comprehensive investment packages coupled with direct marketing and database e-marketing and web-based dissemination of sale and due diligence information and deal tracking allows FA Hospitality to take advantage of cutting edge technology and sales methodology to benefit our clients.


We have arranged the sale and acquisition of the full spectrum of hospitality real estate, including the following:

► Full-service hotels
► Limited-service hotels
► Resort properties, including mixed-use resorts with recreational amenities and residential components
► Conference Centers
► Timeshare projects
► Hotel development sites
► Individual and portfolio transaction


Hotel Finance

FA Hospitality has long standing relationships with hotel lenders, both in terms of those active in the refinance of existing properties and those active in new construction.  We constantly update our database of lenders and finance relationships, so we are current on underwriting criteria and lender hot buttons.  As such, each time we bring an opportunity forward to a target lender, we have a higher success of converting that relationship into a closed transaction.

FA Hospitality also is active in the mezzanine debt and equity markets, having arranged complex capital structures that meet the needs of our clients and often times providing the last piece of the puzzle in putting a transaction in place.

►  Refinance of existing properties
►  Development/expansion financing, both primary and mezzanine
►  Bridge loans
►  Corporate debt vehicles

Equity Placement

Through a domestic and international network, we have access to equity investors, both institutional and private, from around the world.  Access to equity has allowed us to assist our clients in formulating joint ventures, alternative capital structures for a specific project and provide capital infusions into growing companies.

► Joint venture funding
► Mezzanine equity placement
► Recapitalization of partnerships, companies and specific assets