Hospitality Operations Management Services

FA HOSPITALITY bases its operations management on a philosophy of empowerment and accountability. We measure our success by your success, and offer a strong framework of guidance and support to ensure high performance in revenue, staff retention, and guest satisfaction

FA HOSPITALITY Hotel Operations Management: Maximize Profitability Without Compromising Quality

0.1 Budgeting

FA HOSPITALITY develops competitive budgets annually to provide a tool for success at each property.

0.2 Training

Staff training at Vesta is designed to meet the needs of each property to reduce turnover and labor costs and to increase performance.

0.3 Quality Assurance

FA HOSPITALITY ensures all aspects of company standards and brand compliance are observed, resulting in award-winning hotels.

0.4 Service Standards

FA HOSPITALITY maintains a high level of exceptional guest experiences, expectations and service scores as determined by either the affiliated brand and/or a third-party rating service.

0.5 Food and Beverage Controls

We are able to streamline food and beverage operations so that companies can better manage costs. We have developed a “food track” and “pour cost” program to maintain costs and minimize waste and pilfering. We also offer programs that help hotel staff design menus that minimize costs but still appeal to guests, maximizing customer satisfaction.

0.6 Productivity Management

Our team helps clients maximize resources using specialized productivity management tools. We use sales and service forecasts to allocate human resources effectively and can also target hours per occupied room, hours per cover, and dollars per server if needed.

0.7 Recruiting and Staffing Solutions

Finding qualified employees can be the most difficult and time-consuming function of Human Resources. Recruitment, the “marketing” function of Human Resources, requires creativity to find quality candidates that will fit with the organization’s culture and remain with the company over time; a goal your company should have to increase retention and reduce turnover.

0.8 Information Technology

The role of IT at FA HOSPITALITY is solely to support our core business of managing hotels. We must ensure that those responsible for generating revenue and operating hotels have the tools they need in order to do so. To that end, we use select business partners who can provide a wide range of services that align with our goals. We deploy systems that are adaptable to our dynamic and growing company but that don’t require development overhead or maintenance of custom applications.

0.9 Legal

The ever changing regulatory issues that affect our company and industry vary based on any number of factors, and it can be challenging to keep up. FA HOSPITALITY has assembled a team of experts to assist our corporate team members and properties with vendor contracts, best practice protocols, licenses and permits, and all other legal matters. Our legal team members focus on the contract details and risk management, so our managers can focus on the business.

10. Sales Personality and Aptitude Testing

FA HOSPITALITY has utilized a customized solution to test the top qualified applicants for sales positions at hotels within the portfolio.  This database of testing results has enabled us to create a database of ideal traits and sales skills for achieving the highest sales results at our hotels.

11. Asset Management

FA HOSPITALITY offers a wide-range of asset management solutions customized to each client’s unique situation. From risk and lease management, to concepting and managing renovations, our focus is on maximizing profitability and asset value for our client

12. Financial Controls & Reporting

FA HOSPITALITY financial controls and reporting systems are state of the art in the industry. FA HOSPITALITY is able to effectively protect owners’ investments and enhance profitability through careful analysis of existing systems and implementation of standardized operating policies and procedures.


We pride ourselves on efficient, productive hotels that meet the owner’s objectives. We are not satisfied with average performance. Hotels under our management consistently produce above-average revenues and operate at below-average costs.

FA HOSPITALITY is known for its expertise in operations and development and a proven methodology for recognizing potential and achieving profitability in our hotels.