Food and Beverage

FA HOSPITALITY assists property management operate successful food and beverage facilities, generating profits that exceed industry averages. As a follow up, we intensely monitor the hotel’s monthly results against established measurable objectives.

We accomplish this by implementing and monitoring standards and procedures for:

  • Service Quality
  • Food and Beverage Quality
  • Facility Upkeep and Cleanliness
  • Staffing models that match sales projections
  • Inventory Control
  • Food Service Preparation
  • Purchasing
  • Menu Development
  • Staff Training

We aim to develop the appropriate F&B product in restaurants, catering, room service and lounges for a specific local market and aggressively advertise internally, train our kitchen and service staff and focus on seasonal and special promotions to generate maximum F&B revenues.

All this equates to high levels of guest satisfaction, employees who enjoy their work and owners who receive more than a fair rate of return on their investment.