Distressed Hotel

FA HOSPITALITY can assist hotel owners, lenders, and special servicers in all phases of a property or note’s workout, restructuring, or foreclosure. The company combines intimate knowledge of hotel management and real estate with expertise in capital markets to offer a compelling set of skills and experiences to assist in these situations.

With our proven hotel management philosophy, we can turn distressed hotels into low-risk assets for its lenders and investment/ownership groups.

We understand that in almost all cases, the goal is to improve revenue without adding significant expense. Through a multi-level approach to analyze the hotels current position with direct sales, relationship in the community, third party internet channels, and reservation systems and brand contribution, we are able to create strategies to make an immediate positive impact on hotel revenue with minimal expense.

Once revenue has increased, we have relationships with hotel brokerage firms to assist the owner/lender with marketing the distressed hotel.

As Receiver or Manager, our goal is to ensure that each property is operating at its full investment potential. Our experience and flexibility allow us to quickly engage a team to takeover a property and begin the process of stabilization, reorganization and eventual disposition