Architect Principal

Michael Fox is a founding principal of FoxLin Architects. Prior to FoxLin, he served as an assistant to engineer and inventor Chuck Hoberman in New York and as a design team leader for Kitamura Associates in Tokyo, Japan. In 1998, Fox founded the Kinetic Design Group at MIT as a sponsored research group to investigate interactive architecture which he directed for three

He is the author of the books Interactive Architecture, and Adaptive World, both published by Princeton Architectural Press. His practice, teaching and research are centered on interactive and bio-mimetic architecture.

He has won numerous awards in architectural ideas competitions. Fox’s work has been featured in many international periodicals and books, and has lectured and been exhibited worldwide. He has taught on the subject matter of interactive, behavioral and kinetic architecture at MIT, the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, and SCI_ARC in Los Angeles.

He is a full Professor of Architecture at Cal Poly Pomona and a regular visiting professor at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the past President of ACADIA. Michael received his undergraduate degree in Architecture from University of Oregon and a Master of Science in Architecture from MIT.